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<h6 style="padding:20px 80px 20px 80px;border-bottom:1px solid #333;">You can download and print the pdf version of the contract <a href="Contract.pdf">here.</a><br />
<br />
Although highlighted in the contract, please understand that processing takes time. Bring in your things neatly folded in small, stackable, closed boxes or on hangers. Lifting heavy, awkward bags/boxes hurts and disrupts our process. See list item [2] for details.</h6><br /><br />
<li>We only accept items that are in excellent condition. Items that are outdated, damaged, stained (however minor) or smell will be donated.</li>
<li>All clothing must be brought in on hangers or folded neatly in small stackable boxes or handled shopping bags. If you are unable to bring in items as described, fees may be applied to your account.</li>
<li>The consigner will receive 40% of the final sale price.</li>
<li>Between Friends will determine pricing and all items are subject to being marked down for "sales" at our discretion.</li>
<li>Between Friends assumes no responsibility for loss, damage or theft in any manner. No insurance is maintained on consigned items.</li>
<li>The consignment period is 12 weeks. Items that do not sell will be donated. Tax receipts are available upon request.</li>
<li>Please present a photo ID when requesting your payout. For security reasons, requests for account information and balances must be made in person.</li>
<li>All money must be picked up within 6 months of the end of each consignment period or it becomes the property of Between Friends.</li>
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